Luxor Hotel and Casino Sphinx
luxor hotel and resort sphinx
luxor hotel and resort sphinx
luxor hotel and resort sphinx
luxor hotel and resort sphinx


Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino


The Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino lies along the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada across the McCarran International Airport. To the south of the hotel is the Mandalay Bay. To the north is the Excalibur. The three structures, all built by the Mandalay Group (formerly the Circus Circus Enterprise) are linked by local trams and free express.

It was built in 1991, the same year as the MGM Grand and the Treasure Island. The hotel opened two years later on October 15, 1993. At that time, the pyramid was the tallest structure on the Las Vegas Strip. In 1998, two additional hotels containing two thousand rooms, and a theater were added to the complex.

The Luxor is one of Las Vegasí first fully themed mega resorts. The Ancient Egyptian themed hotel got its name from the Egyptian city of Luxor where the Karnak and Luxor Temples, the Valley of Kings and other monuments can be found. The hotel is designed to replicate a pyramid within a pair of ziggurat towers.


The pyramid is hollow and holds over four thousand rooms. One of the Luxor Hotelís most distinguishing elements is the Great Sphinx of Giza by the hotel entrance. The sculpture was designed by the hotelís architect Veldon Simpson. The Mandalay Resort Group was acquired by the MGM Mirage in June 2004. The hotel was then added to its long list of properties on the Strip.

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